APEX 2024 CE Sessions

NOTE:  These are copies of the CE session slide decks, not online CE that can be completed for credit.


Friday, June 14

Making the Case for Advanced Pharmacy Technician Roles

Marketing to Patients & Prescribers

2024 Legal Update


Saturday, June 15

Predicting Drug-Nutrient Interactions

2024 Advocacy Update


Evaluations are Online

APEX CE evaluations are completed using SurveyMonkey via the weblinks below. You will have 5 days after the conclusion of each CE session to complete your online evaluation. You must fully complete an evaluation for each CE session you attend to receive CE credit for that session. To complete each evaluation, you will need to provide your full name, date of birth in month/day format and your NABP e-Profile ID number.

Evaluation Password

You will be prompted for a password when completing each evaluation. That password is secret